Uitgelicht project

Child Smile Foundation

Kampala, Oeganda

“Dit verhoogt de levenskwaliteit

van zowel het kind als de ouders.”

“Zoveel pret en wat een mooie dag in het leven van zoveel kinderen en de begeleiding. Deze dag geeft zelfvertrouwen en het gevoel ‘Yes, we doen ertoe’. Ook voor 150 kinderen een gloednieuw schooluniform en sporttenue is van enorm belang om meer zelfvertrouwen te krijgen. Nu is iedereen gelijk en is er geen onderscheid meer tussen arm en minder arm.” Dit was de conclusie van Lyda Mallant (cabin attendant KLM) na afloop van het schoolreisje en de aanschaf van schooluniformen voor de kinderen van Child Smile foundation.

Oprichter Alain Mugisho van Child Smile Foundation:”The added value of Wings of support (WoS) contribution in our project as a whole has had a tremendous effect and an unimaginable impact! WoS has been and is a strong force for good in our organization achievements. In fact I can say that WoS is our proud, our pillar and our prime source of accomplishment for many years! Indeed WoS has not only added value to our organization but also played a vital role in the provision of education of our children.You have moved us from grass hatched classrooms with many of our children writing on their knees and sitting down, to having a place we can call our own now with teachers we now have for a long time and school materials to use. With Wings of Support we change the lives of so many children. This year we have for the first time seven children who wil do the final exams like the children in private or government schools conform the government requirements. We have good hope we do well and they will pass and get their diploma”.