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Asociatia Touched Romania

Boekarest, Roemenië

(Samia Visser, first officer 737 KLM en Eva Bosnjakovic, cabin attendant KLM)

"Safety and clean laundry"

Hagar Home Maternal Center is one of the few licensed maternal centers in Bucharest (Romania) having fulfilled all standards imposed by Romanian law. They are hosting nine persons at the moment, mothers at risk with their children. With the financial help of Wings of Support, they have been able to purchase new home appliances which needed replacement due to heavy usage. A new washing machine and dryer, two water boilers for the baby’s formula, a desktop computer, a laptop, a printer, two vacuum cleaners and an automatic for the gate of the building. During the stay at Hagar Home the entire family participates a reintegration program. Mothers are encouraged to participate a vocational training course and the children go to daycare and kindergarten.